Domestic and Hydronic Hot Water

Boilers enhance the comfort of your home while saving energy and money on utility bills. They also help protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Spicer Mechanical has extensive experience with hot water boilers and holds a CSLB C-4 License. We make sure to stay fully stocked with repair parts so we can offer 24 hour emergency service with quick response time. Spicer Mechanical understands that short down times when installing, repairing or replacing your boiler lead to happier tenants. 

Boiler Installation and Repair in Orange County

Boilers are also known as radiant heating systems. Water makes a better thermal medium than air does, meaning it’s able to hold more heat for longer. Boilers also heat rooms more evenly than traditional heating systems and are not susceptible to duct leaks. Since warm air rises and sinks as it cools, forced air heating systems tend to create hot and cold spots during operation. Boilers keep the heat near the floor of the room, where you need it most.

Have your boiler serviced, repaired, or replaced!